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November 21, 2011
Android Tops Most-Vulnerable Lists, But Is It A Deserved Distinction?
By Qushawn Clark
As Android becomes more and more widespread, analysts have brought many vulnerabilities of the OS into the public eye.

Multiple web data security firms have listed Android as the worst of the worst as far as security is concerned. In fact McAfee, one of the worlds leading security companies, has stated that "this quarter Android was the sole target of mobile malware writers," which is certainly not good press for Android. Apparently, many of these attacks are trojans that come in through SMS channels and cause the phone to dial unwanted numbers and make ridiculous charges. Bit9, another impressive security firm, has also listed Android as the most popular OS for hackers right now. They even came out with a "dirty dozen +1" list labeling the most vulnerable mobile devices out there right now. Here is the list:

1. Samsung Galaxy Mini
2. 2 HTC Desire
3. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
4. Sanyo Zio
5. HTC Wildfire

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